Club Erotica is a place where those in Chicagoland/NW Indiana are can go to enjoy themed lifestyle parties with a touch of class.

West Side Cleveland Swingers

Our group was made to get people together from the Northeastern Ohio area as well as all over the country. We welcome all sizes; including BBW’s and Admirers, gender, and creed. We discriminate against NO ONE! This group is about acceptance. We are open to all; Adult Couples, Single Ladies, and Single Gentlemen alike – who are interested in the swinging lifestyle. Bear in mind it’s more about how you act than who you are. Rude or boorish behavior will not be tolerated no matter the provocation or intent. We know that at times conversations can get heated, and a lively discussion has its place, but don’t cross the line into abuse.
Our group hosts some great parties all over the Ohio region. We collaborate with other lifestyle & lifestyle friendly groups for some of our parties and we call them Meet & Greets.

Meet and greets are a great way for you to put faces to screen names. They are also a great way to get out there and mingle with the same people you have been chatting with. The biggest misconception about meet and greets is that they are full blown orgies. This is NOT the case. What happens after you meet at the party is up to you. We do not tolerate any unwanted behavior in the party hall! Our parties are adult parties and we expect everyone to please act like adults. To put it simply, meet and greets are just that; MEET and GREET. One word of advice when attending these meet and greets is, don’t have any expectations other than having a good time and meeting new people.

This group is designed to bring together members of the swinging lifestyle that enjoy sexually-charged house party gatherings to get together,exchange information and learn more about the upcoming parties and events for the best house party in Columbus: EROTIC|CITY|PARTIES (ECP).

We will use this site to share information about upcoming events as well as connect new friends and old friends that have attended or plan to attend one of our parties. We at ECP welcome all members of the swinging community including but not limited to : newbies, experienced members, voyeurs, and exhibitionists. The goal of our parties are to insure fantasies become a reality. The environment is laid back/no pressure but we set the mood to be highly sexual and sensual for all those wishing to attend

A popular club, very laid back, no pressure. Dinner at every party, a bar, awesome DJ and dance floor, playrooms, orgy room, and bondage room. Reservations required.

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