West Coast Events

WCE is a Lifestyle Event Planning group. Made up of a group of people from Yuba City to Chico that have decided they want more events through out Northern California that are open and welcoming to all people.

You will find our events are not discriminatory towards age, race, body type, or anything else. We welcome the seasoned party goer, as well as the newbie. We have been on both sides so we know what it is like to go to a new event and feel akward.

We have two simple goals:
Bring Lifestyle oriented people together.
Make sure all have a good time when they attend one of our events.
We primarily hold events from Redding to Sacramento, but have been know to sneak down to the Modesto/Stockton area. We pride ourselves on working with any and all other groups or clubs to make an event as big and enjoyable as possible.

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