We provide the most amazing service by giving our clients the ultimate sex vacation experience. Imagine going to a country where over 50% of the women want an American, Canadian or European man to date? Our agency connects beautiful Dominican women with successful foreign men. We personally introduce you to the most beautiful women in the Caribbean. Our girls are regular Dominican girls that are very excited to meet you and, as a result, will give you the best Girl Friend Experience because there dream is to meet guys just like you. They actually want to be your girl friend.

Let me explain … The Dominican Republic has an abundance of beautiful women that are looking to meet Foreign men. Sadly, many of them end up in prostitution because they do not know how to communicate their affection towards foreigners. Our company has figured out a brilliant way to connect beautiful Dominican women with successful Foreign men and without any monetary exchange. We are more like a Dating Agency that introduces women to you. And unlike all the other sex vacation providers, our women will kiss you, they will touch you and they will make love to you. Our ladies know why you are here and understand that you will be meeting other women, so they will do their best to impress you…

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