PJ's House Party

PJ’s House Party is now located 60 miles NE of Nashville, Tennessee.
The parties will be on Saturdays, the first one being December 1st.
Couples & Ladies can consider this as an invitation.
Single Guys will need a date or a sponsoring couple,

‘Committed Couples’ is what we are all about. The location
will be divulged ONLY via telephone or person to person,
because of an agreement with the home owners. The location
will be given when we call to verify the info y’all gave us.
We have many member couples at this point.

The parties are just like a private party in someone’s home,
with a twist. Usually folks gather in the kitchen/living room
area upon arrival, after introductions are made and usually just
have some drinks & chat. This way new couples can socialize
with the more experienced couples. This goes on for usually a
coupla hours.

The ‘party’ atmosphere is anywhere in the house. We encourage
the ladies to bring and wear lingerie and they will usually put
some on around 9-10 pm, maybe sooner. At that time is usually
when the actual party will start, but it has started earlier
and anywhere in the house.

Depending on how they go, there is a possibility of having
2 a month. Right now our time will be the first Saturday of
the month. Our group is Private and requires membership,
membership is free. We offer a safe and friendly atmosphere
for people to meet others without any pressures or obligations.
With no single guys constantly bothering you.

The place is well suited for parties with several rooms, a
stereos, TV for videos, 2 massage areas & a seated smoking
area on the deck, under a roof, near the hot tub area.

Best of all, it is verrrry private with no neighbors that
can see or hear anything. RSVP & BYOB.

Our info site is;


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