Club Sensual Secrets

Club Sensual Secrets, located in the Greater Hazleton Area of the Pocono Mts of
Pennsylvania, was founded in September of 2008 for the purpose of providing a home
to the swinging community of not only North East PA, but the entire nation. We are
a new club with big ambitions. Our club is currently located in a Hotel Lounge which is
closed to the public for our events. There is a Cash Bar with drink specials, Low over
head for us which helps keep admission fees down. This allows us to offer door
prizes and other specials for our guest.

Be prepared to experience the sensual side of swinging. Club Sensual Secrets is sure
to be the sole destination for swingers who demand only the best in atmosphere,
friends, location, and experience. Club Sensual Secrets is truly the home of homes for
the elite swinger. Please come in and experience the lifestyle as it was meant to be
experienced only at Cub Sensual Secrets!

Much Love,
Tim and Donna

Erotic Friends Type:
Off Premise