Club Erotica KC

Club Erotica KC has been around since 2000.

This is all about a house party EVERY FRIDAY & SATURDAY night. We party all night long which makes this a great after hours spot. We provide an on premise location for guest to get as freaky as they please and as always clothing is just an option.

We are all about Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Nudism, Fetishes, along with Swinging. We do not discriminate on age, race, size, or sexual preference. We are built on mannerism; there are no drugs and no guarantees.

Throughout the house we have a pool table, love swing, love pit, massage table, stripper pole, Playboy channel, St. Andrews cross, darts, in ground pool, indoor hot tub, private rooms (also available for overnight stays) and a DJ.

Club Erotica KC was designed for networking and socializing in a unique and thought provoking way. We have various environments that will encourage members to enjoy themselves at various levels of sensuality, excitement, and pleasure. Your presence at Club Erotica does not obligate you to participate in any way that is uncomfortable for you. Also, please remember that being a member is a privilege and that treating other club members with respect both at and away from the club is a golden rule for all members of the club.

We have a dress code because we believe that everyone will enjoy themselves that much more. Our dress code is whatever you feel like wearing – or not wearing! We have designed this club primarily for the enjoyment and pleasure of women, couples and select single males.

Take things at your own pace and know that you have a staff at the Club Erotica that will support you and do their best to make sure the night is beyond your wildest dreams. Always remember that you are in charge and that you will enjoy yourself the most if you do only what you are comfortable with and if at any time you change your mind, that is your right and everyone at the club will support you.

Club Erotica offers a sensually charged atmosphere without any pressure or obligation. We have an on-premise house designed for your fantasy and pleasure. Parking is in back of the house. You will be greeted and given a tour of the house.

Are you ready for some real fun? Try out the massage table or love swing. Downstairs you will find a pool table and plenty of hot spots for that wild get together with someone or another couple.

We do not sell liquor. You are welcome to bring your own bottle (BYOB).

We have special theme and costume parties like Halloween, Valentines, New Years, Mardi gras and much more. Club Erotica is the forerunner in adult entertainment and activities. We bring sexuality to a very dull Midwest region of the country.

DONATIONS are requested.

Join us at Club Erotica KC, it will soon become your second home.

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On Premise