Bottomknockers has the following amenities: A large parking area nearby the club. A discreet, easily accessable entrance. A secure lobby area that is designed to only allow members of the club entrance into the club. The general public will never have access to the club. A large general social area complete with pool table, a dance floor, bar for set ups and someone to mix drinks for patrons. Lockers are availabale for members to use during their visit to the club. Safe Deposit Boxes are available for members to store cell phones and other valuable items during their visit to the club. Smokers will have a secure and discreet area to step outside and enjoy a cigarette without the public seeing anything. There is a large playroom with big screen TV and comfy sofas for socializing, playing, etc. The club has 16 private play rooms, complete with televisions. There is a large multi-head shower area for guests to play and/or clean up in. Bottomknockers is also pleased to offer a large steam room for guests to enjoy too. THe rooms are also available overnight, but management would likes guests to check out around 7:30 a.m. It is BYOB, but the club serves drink set ups and has a bartender to mix for you. Prices are $35 for couples, $25 for single females and $45 for select single males.

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On Premise