We are a lifestyle night club that caters to adults that are open minded and want the privacy of enjoying themselves in a pressure free, friendly atmosphere. At Club A’Lure, we treat you with respect. We do not discriminate! No matter your age, race or marital statis, we welcome you to Club A’Lure! Our spacious club offers plenty of room to mingle and a private VIP room you can slip away to a quiet spot. Our stripper pole is just waiting for you sexy ladies to take a spin. At Club A’Lure, we offer low prices on drinks and our staff is ready and waiting to serve! We aim to prevent our club from become one of those places where cliques take over. We want a club where everyone is treated as a friend and everyone is comfortable. If you find yourself a little bashful, seek out your hostess Honeybuns and she will introduce you to those you wish to meet. A’Lure’s goal is to cater to all of your lifestyle entertainment needs!

Erotic Friends Type:
Off Premise