Altpathways Restaurant/Lounge

This unique restaurant is currently open Wednesday through Saturday at 6 pm for dinner with special events starting later depending on the evening or theme. Each Saturday has a reoccurring monthly theme including Transsexual, Swingers off premise, Fetish and Neutral. Wednesday evening has a Fetish theme and Thursday is Karaoke.

Alternative groups are invited to have their monthly meetings at this Lifestyle Friendly restaurant.

The food ranges from burgers, wings, wraps to appetizers. Most items are under $10.

Full liquor is available. There is a comfortable conversational lounge and a bar for informal socializing.

The main restaurant is set up with a 400 sq ft dance floor, stage and DJ booth for the entertainment nights.

Alt Pathway has a huge patio area that is accessed from the lounge. The patio gives privacy for those that might be dressed in themed clothing. This is the smoking area and drinks may be brought out there.

Alt Pathway Restaurant and Lounge 810 E. Skagway Avenue, Tampa, FL 33604 (Next to the Car Wash at the corner of Busch and Nebraska) 813-632-7400

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Off Premise