A2 Speak EZ

A2 Speak EZ is a private on-premise social swingers group for couples, single ladies, and select single gentlemen (limited to 1 single gentleman per couple or 1 every 2 single ladies) who are active in or curious about the swinging or other alternative lifestyles. Our group is a great place for people of like-mind to meet in a safe, friendly and upscale atmosphere. We offer many benefits as compared to other groups and clubs around the region. When you attend our parties, you are not a customer; you're a guest and we treat you like that! At A2 Speak EZ our goal is to have 100% satisfaction for our guests, some alternative lifestyle parties the hosts are rude and make people feel unwelcome. That isn't a way to host an event! We want you to feel welcome, and feel welcome to come back. The A2 Speak EZ staff continually go out of their way to visit with all our guests and ensure everything is 100% satisfactory. Try us out and soon you will be a regular!

A2 Speak EZ is conveniently located in the South-Eastern Michigan, specifically Milan, MI (about 10 miles south of Ann Arbor). We are approximately 30 minutes by highway from the Ohio border, and about an hour drive from Detroit. So what are you waiting for? Why go somewhere to just be naughty, when you can join us and be EZ, and it’s just that…EZ!

We offer parties every 2nd, 3rd, and 4th weekend of the month. The first weekend is reserved for our friends in the BDSM lifestyle, if you are come join us. Some of our parties are themed events, others are not. Even though coming dressed for the theme is NOT REQUIRED (Although Highly Encouraged); we do ask you to come dressed to impress.

Although, the Group atmosphere is very laid back we do have several rules/guidelines that all our guests must abide by. However, all those rules stem from one core belief. This core rule is the foundation of all Lifestyle Groups, NO-MEANS-NO. If one cannot take NO for an answer they are not free to move on and enjoy their time, and this prevents others from doing so as well. The other is NO ONE IS OBLIGATED TO PARTICIPATE IN ANY ACTIVITIY THAT THEY THEMSELVES DON'T FEEL COMFORTABLE ENOUGH TO PARTICIPATE IN. Everyone moves at a different pace, some can take that "big" step within 20 minutes, others may take weeks, months, or even years. Speak EZ strives to provide a pressure free environment, for everyone to explore at their own pace. We expect all our guests to show others the courtesy they expect. A2 Speak EZ believes this gives the best opportunity for those new to the lifestyle a chance to learn free of pressure, and allows those experienced in the lifestyle to explore new horizons.
Erotic Friends Type:
On Premise