Swing A Licous Group Desires Resort January, 2015



We had a blast at Desire, although we did miss you guys
Somehow we ended up with a great, ocean front room on the second floor.
Brian and Cathy did a good job and that supper was awesome.
Best lobster I ever had…and huge.
So…when we going back?
It was very good mix of people and once again we made a bunch more friends, which is what its all about.
See you soon, we hope.

Larry and Gloria
A great big thank you for making our first trip to Desire unforgettable well of what we can remember lol. Looking forward to many more.
Debbie and I had a great trip to Desire with the group!!    Brian & Cathy filled in very well for you guys for those that needed anything taken care of.   The only thing we would have liked a little more, and this is a Desire issue and not necessarily much you can do about it, is that there be a little more “American” type food selections at the buffet. We had no problem with the breakfast selections, but some of the lunch and a lot of the dinner selections we had no clue what the hell they were.
The special lobster dinner that you arranged for the group was fabulous!!!  The lobster was presented very tastefully and all of the other courses were very nice. We appreciate what you did to arrange that.
We would definitely enjoy doing that trip again, as that was our first time to Desire in Cancun, and we enjoyed the facilities and the staff there.
Thanks again,
Mike & Debbie
We missed you too… but we had a blast… was a lot of fun. Would love to book again next year.
We loved it!!!   Had a great time and met some wonderful people.  Our second trip to Desire and this one was so much better.  We would definitely want to go again next year.  Our airport transportation was excellent!!  The Monday night Lobster was excellent! We had a blast!!  No complaints from us.  Thank you for putting such a remarkable trip together!
Joe & Judy
We felt the trip was a great time, the group had a lot of fun. Brian & Kathy did a good job of keeping the group informed of the dinner locations and times. The service was great and the specialty restaurants added an extra flavor. Being Premier Members helped us for the up-grades where others may not have had the ease for reservations.
The Entertainment Directors were great keep a lot of energy at the pool.
We would entertain going again next year.
Don’t know if you don’t like to post in advance of who’s going, just a though, sometimes helpful.
We had a great time. The facility was great, and the service was outstanding. They really know how to make you feel like you’re on vacation.
We think this would be a great annual event. I don’t think we could go every year! But we would try to time it up for that trip when we do go.
The length of time was good but would be even better if they could give a discount for booking the whole week.
The group lobster dinner was FANTASTIC!  A must.