Splash Mocha Takeover Playrooms


The Red Room

The Red Room Explored! Heard about 50 shades of grey…or better still…read it? Now you’re ready to explore? Well come play in our real life version of the Red Room. It’s fun, exciting, and it feels good. It can be an emotional thrill, a great way to reinvigorate a relationship, or to connect with a partner and create intimacy. Our Dungeon Master will help create a safe & adventurous place where you can explore your wilder side, your naughty side, your submissive side or your dominate side… Anything is possible in the Red Room.


This is the Erotic PLAYGROUND featuring a Glory Hole Wall, Sex Swing, a Massage Table and an Erotic Tent.

Take 5 Room

For our guests that enjoy lavishing attention on a lady with friends, and those women that enjoy being the center of attention, this playroom is for you! When one, two, or three just isn’t enough, this is the room where you can “Take 5”… Or more…

Wife Watching Room

The Room where hubby can watch wife in a semi private environment. Along with others watching in a quiet sensual environment.