Sea Mountain Inn Spa & Resort

Resort: Sea Mountain Spa is 15 room Lifestyle Clothing optional Oasis in Desert Hot Springs, Arizona. 2 hours from Lax and the closest airport being Palm Springs.It is situated in a housing¬† development area but is very private from the outside surroundings. When you 1st drive up you may be thinking ” This is it”. Once inside you are pleasantly surprised. The rooms are very nicely appointed and they either from the main pool or the hot tub area.

Experience: The staff are very pleasant and comfortable with the concept. The owner “Dewey” is around to see that everything is taken care of and everyone is having a good time. They can’t do enough for you. It is definitely worth a visit experience it and see if it is right for you. They make margaritas all day long and pour them freely. Be ¬†careful, they taste good and the day is young.

Pretty much “Everything goes here! ” which is much of the attraction and encouraged. This is what really sets it apart from other lifestyle resorts. We met a few couples that vacation there from afar but most come from the local area and Los Angeles area either for the weekend or the day. We were very impressed with the nice mix of couples and how friendly every one is. They do not sell alcohol so you are able to bring your own. They include a continental breakfast and “Deweys” secret pot of rice to absorb the late night party libations. For lunch they provide fried chicken and a variety of salads, on Saturdays the add hotdogs and veggie tray. Or dinner you can order in from an a local restaurant menu or a pizza menu. A very nice selection from light to gourmet items.

You can also venture out to a steak house, Thai food or Mexican food. Our favorite Mexican local place is “Don Tacorriendo” where they make their own tortillas and food.
The resort transforms from a few couples to a packed house on the weekends, so save your chairs early which is easier when you are staying over. Dewey also has his music professional mixed by top DJ’s to set the mood from morning coffee to poolside lounging and playing to the nightclub. I will say the night club is small but has a sexy mood with lighting, a cozy round bed and a pole.

The nightclub is also a step away fro the Jacuzzi spa on one side and the pool on the other. Prices seem a bit high being that it is not all inclusive but that everything that comes along with it makes it worth every penny.