… “It’s always good to see familiar faces when you travel to Lifestyle events. And in a large group Luke and I were very fortunate to bump into a few familiar couples we knew from prior travels. We all agreed to meet up at the big party at the end of the event. But when we got there, everything seemed disconnected. As we stood holding our drinks, all dressed like Santa’s naughty helpers, we chatted with our friends, and tried to make the best of it. And then I thought to myself, Somebody’s got to get this party started.

    I moved our little group over to an open stripper pole and jumped up to dance. Our friends stood in a circle around the small stage, and I started bumping and grinding for my private audience. There were hundreds, if not thousands of others around the room. But, having them there gave me a “ring of safety” to let go and have fun.

    As I moved my attentions around the circle from one friend to the next, I invited them to touch my body and slowly remove my sexy elf-ish outfit. Their fingers flirtatiously skimmed up my legs and over my backside, or delicately brushed over my breasts and down my torso as I undulated in front of them. As they each slipped off a bit of my clothing, it felt great having so many hands tease my skin as I danced to teased their eyes.

    By the time I’d made the full circle back to my lover, I was wearing only my little red G-string. In one hand Luke held my now removed clothing, and with the other hand he was busy caressing one of our friend’s wives as she rubbed her tits up against him. She smiled up at me, let out a playful squeal, and then reached up and tugged at my G-string. I turned my ass toward her and bent over. Holding onto the pole, I swayed my hips back and forth in front of her. Without hesitation, she grabbed the tiny strings and pulled it all the way down to the floor.

    Stepping out of it, I flipped the G-string to my man and spread my feet wide apart. And there I was, dancing naked in a ballroom full of strangers—except, of course, for my jewelry and red stripper heels. (A girl has to have certain standards. Right?)

     I started to work my way around the ring of friends again. This time I let
each of them get another good long feel or quick lick as I paused in front of
them. But now, as I came back around to my lover, I saw a new couple standing
next to him. The woman was beautiful with warm tanned skin, dark hair, a big
smile, and friendly eyes, She shouted over the music, “This is the sexiest thing
I’ve seen all night. Can I join you?” I waived her up.

     Knowing how much a man likes seeing his girl tenderly touched by
another woman, I started moving my hands all over her body as we danced
together. She wore only a sheer wrap dress, and it was slipping more open
with every move we made. She welcomed my touch, so I made sure to take
my time and pay attention to every curve as her husband stared up at us.

     Then she turned the tables on me. As I flirted with her man with my
eyes, she cupped my breasts and began sucking my nipples. She quickly
glanced at her hubby and then dropped to her knees right in front of me.
Coaxing my legs wider apart, she began kissing my soft sweetness.

     Our group began to shout their encouragements, and I leaned back on the pole Grabbing it above my head for stability, I raised one knee so she could go deeper.

    With her tongue now spreading my lips and lapping up my juices, I looked around at our group through half-closed eyes. Each of them was fondling or fingering whomever was closest to them as they stared up at us. Her tongue felt so good as it circled my clit. The rush was exhilarating and my mind was racing.

    In that moment, as she knelt in front of me with her tongue plunging into my open depths, it hit me: HOLY SHIT! I thought. I don’t even know her name! Oh my god! Josie, you’ve crossed over.

    I lowered my leg and started laughing at myself. She turned to her husband and gave him a very big, very wet kiss. Then she reached for my man, pulled him closer, and gave him one, too. While she was bent over in front of me kissing them, I grabbed her hips and started thrusting up against her from behind. Humping to the beat of the music, our friends cheered for more. Turning toward each other, I pulled her dress completely open and we continued to ‘faux fuck’. As we scissor split our legs and pressed our pussies against each other, we lapped our tongues into each other’s open mouths.

    At the end of the next tune, I threw my arms around her, and we hugged. Our nearly naked, sweaty, glistening bodies rubbed together, and we swayed, holding each other.

    After helping us down from the pole stage, they introduced themselves as Inez and Paul. I told them how much fun I’d just had and mentioned that if they were going to be in town the next day, I’d love to hang out with them. My man handed Paul our “Couples Card” so they could keep in touch. They nodded, hugged us both again, and then disappeared into the crowd.“

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