This month Josie shares the intimate details of her very first sexy encounter with another couple, in this excerpt from “LIVING FREESTYLE”.



           “For those of you who are trying to choose from all the wonderful Lifestyle cruise or resort “play-cations”, allow me to introduce you to the concept of Surrender.

            “This applies to both men and women. And just to be clear, I’m not talking about surrendering your will, or your integrity, your values, or your body. Surrender, as I see it, is an individual’s choice to live in the moment; to act with freedom and spontaneity, and let go of the roadblocks that come with pre-conceived expectations. Allow yourself to be impulsive and give in to the safety of your lover, the situation that presents itself, and the stimulation of the environment all around you. Those are the keys to the concept of Surrender—safety, situation, and stimulation.

            “How does that work? Let me explain.

           “Several years ago, when I first started going to Lifestyle destinations with my lover, Luke, in addition to suitcases, passports, and reservations, he’d also bring along an unwritten “wish list”. These were the subconscious expectations and desired fantasy fulfillments he wanted to have while there.          This is not unusual for most guys, and many girls too.

            “I’m pretty sure though that the majority of women’s fantasies are centered around who they imagine being with, or where they’d like it to happen. This is the stuff of romance novels. Like, ‘under a crimson canopy of sunset on a penthouse rooftop,’ or ‘on a sumptuous fur in front of the amber flickers of a roaring fire in a cozy ski chalet.’ (Oh, hell, ‘just take me on a pile of money.’)

            “But, without the perfect scenario, you can see how these expectations can become restrictive once you are in a real life situation.

            “For Luke, instead of being open to the spontaneous opportunities around us when we traveled, he’d try to ‘make something happen’ to fulfill his “wish list” of expectations.

            “For me, it wasn’t that I didn’t want to make these experiences happen for him. Sometimes I either wasn’t stimulated by, or attracted to someone. Or, the situation never presented itself. Or, he was just being a butt about it.

            “Either way, things often went differently. Not badly, just differently than he had hoped. His expectations were getting in the way of our taking advantage of the sexy fun that was all readily available to us. And sometimes, I would even feel that I had disappointed him. We had to adjust our thinking, or this wasn’t going to work.

“Then, one night at the end of a trip, back at our room we had a heart-to-heart about being willing to surrender. I explained to him that when he’s not happy, I’m not happy. And, when I’m not happy, I’m definitely not sexy. So if he wanted me to be sexy, then all he had to do was just relax, surrender, and be happy.

            “As a result of this shift in thinking, we both realized that our hidden desires, like everything else, are more fun when we share them with each other. When you share your inner most sexual needs with your partner you create the doorway to a world of mutual gratification.

“After that heart-to-heart conversation, we started having the most wonderful, sexy times every time we went somewhere.

            “We learned that surrendering allowed him to let go of his expectations and allowed me to be more open to sexy opportunities for fulfilling them for both of us. When you surrender, all those pre-conceived outcomes disappear, and what you discover is a far greater fulfillment.

     “On our next trip we went to a Lifestyle
resort I’ll call Passions. We were out late
on a balmy evening, and by this time of
night I was only wearing a sheer open
white shirt, a satin G-string, white
stockings, and high heels. We were walking
toward the beach, but the wind was a little
too blustery, so instead, we settled into a
covered patio with an inviting bar.

     The breeze was lighter in that alcove, and
it felt wonderful swirling over my skin. It
was almost playing with me, blowing my
hair and shirt up and around my body.
I started dancing with the wind, letting the
gusts of warm air, the soft sounds of splashing
waves, and the sensual music wash over me.
I surrendered to the moment, the elements,
the atmosphere, and the safety of my lover.

        “The wind blew my hair into a lion’s mane of curls as I danced closer to flirt with Luke and tease him. ‘Would you like to slip off my G-string? Or, should I ask that gentleman across the bar to do it for me?’

            “As Luke glided that tiny triangle down my legs, I perched myself up against the bar. He ran his hands back up and over my body. I lifted one leg resting it on the nearby barstool, inviting him to finger me right there. It felt so-o good. And just as I had surrendered my G-string to the floor, I soon surrendered my body to the bar. I laid back and spread my legs wide open so we could both fully enjoy the moment. I was so wet my juices were dripping down between my cheeks. I raised my legs higher, pointed my toes to the sky, and in a wicked tone I ordered my lover to, ‘Lick it out.’

            “Seeing me there, the cute bartender drizzled Bailey’s Irish Cream over my nipples and down my stomach as a body shot. As Luke licked it off, he gently slipped two fingers inside me and repeatedly drew them up and back over my G-spot. His thumb softly caressed my clit as his tongue swirled around my erect and liqueur covered nipples. I lay there, looking up at the moon, loving every moment of it.

            “When Luke’s tongue arrived back at my pretty kitty, I turned my head to the cute bartender and offered him my nipple to lick as thanks. I saw the gentleman across the bar watching the whole time. My eyes focused on him as my lover focused on my clit. His magical tongue was rapidly working me into a frenzy. My back arched, and I felt like I was floating off the bar.

       “And then, it overtook me.

       “I held my lover’s face between my thighs as the climax hit me, and just let it all go. With my mouth wide open, I moaned and shouted and screamed in orgasmic ecstasy.

       “Everything in the bar went hush for a moment. Then the gentleman across the bar broke the silence, ‘Sounds like you need a drink’.

       “But by then, all I wanted was ice water. Hearing that, the cute bartender playfully squirted me with a little cool water, and my lover licked the remaining Bailey’s off my body.

       “Luke leaned over and whispered to me, ‘I’m really liking this surrender thing already.’ See how that works?”


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