This month Josie tells how a casual conversation turned her into a Hotwife aboard a cruise she took with Erotic Adult Travel, in this preview episode from BOOK 2 of her erotic memoirs,  “LIVING FREESTYLE”.



         “It was a busy night as my lover and I were being hosted by Doug and Barb Allen in their EAT lounge. A guest pulled Barb aside with a question, and a new couple approached. Doug introduced us, as he does so frequently, and we all launched into a new conversation. Such is the fun of a week long floating cocktail party.

          I was wearing a tight white dress that was sheer above the waist, except for an array of sparkles that covered very little of my breasts. Glancing around the bar, I noticed that a handsome gentleman was glancing back. During the week at sea I had seen him around the ship, but tonight we seemed to catch each other’s eye. I looked away for a moment, then back. He was still looking at me. I remember thinking, “Wow, I should wear this dress more often.”

            As I tuned back in to the conversation between my man, Luke, and the new couple, the topic had turned to being a Hotwife. They seemed very interested in the notion of women who have their husband’s consent for spontaneous sexual liaisons while on their own. These new friends told us that they had fantasized about this type of thing, but the woman confessed that she didn’t know if she could ever actually do it.

         When the couple moved on to refill their drinks, I leaned in to Luke to let him know that I needed to go back to our cabin for a few minutes. He asked if I wanted him to go with me. But, I insisted that he should stay and mingle, and that I’d be back shortly. With a flirtatious turn, I started to leave. As I glanced back into the bar, I saw the handsome man put down his drink and watch me walk away.

          Standing by the elevator, I thought to myself, “Hmm. That could have been very interesting. But he was probably looking at someone else.”

         I waited for the elevator to arrive, then stepped into the car when the doors opened. A couple on the elevator was confused about where they were on the boat. It’s easy to lose your bearings sometimes on a big cruise ship. But, lost in their discussion, they weren’t paying any attention, as the gentleman from the bar stepped in.

         He didn’t select a deck, but moved in close behind me. So close, I could feel the magnetic pull of his body to mine. As my body has been known to do, when I can sense an attractive gentleman behind me, my back slowly arches, and I feel my hips pushing ever so slightly back toward him. As the couple continued in their confusion, I could feel the back of his hand gently glide over the roundness of my ass. “This IS getting very interesting.” I thought.

          The elevator stopped, and another girl got on. I went to step back, to give her room, but ended up rubbing the cleavage of my butt cheeks against the front of the gentleman’s pants. The girl looked up at the display of deck numbers, as I shifted my weight from one side to the other.

        The elevator stopped again, and this time the couple got out. The girl moved across the car and glanced toward me as if to say, ‘Aren’t you going to move?’ But I was just fine feeling his bulge begin to swell.

          I wasn’t scared. In fact, it was a delicious tease. And I always enjoy those.

          Once again the elevator stopped. The girl gave me a look of, ‘Are you okay?’ I gave her a slight nod and a smile to let her know that everything was just fine, and she stepped off. The door closed again, but this time we didn’t move.

          “I guess one of us should pick a deck.” I said, and bent forward to press a button. We stood in silence as the elevator took us upward. I shifted my weight again so my cheeks would brush across his fly. When the doors opened again, I stepped out, and he followed.

           “I’m sorry… uh, which deck were you looking for?” I stammered, in an anxious voice. 

            “This one.” he replied, holding up his key card.

I turned to walk down the passageway,
and felt his eyes caress the rolling figure
eight of my hips. My very short dress
was creeping up shorter and shorter
with every step of my high heels. I had
no panties on underneath, and could
feel my dampness starting to flow. The
Safety Girl in me was not sure I wanted
to lead him on, or to my cabin. I suddenly
turned around, and found myself face to
face with this attractive admirer.

      Looking at him with a bit of suspicion. I blurted aloud, “Wait, am I headed in the right direction?”

         “Well, I certainly hope you are.” he replied and leaned in toward me. I could feel his breath on the side of my neck. I froze for a second. Although this was that kind of cruise, was I that kind of girl?

          “Your perfume is extraordinary,” he whispered, taking a deep breath.

          Our delightful little tease was turning into a delirious seduction. He stepped closer, extending his hand toward my hip. I stepped back, and found myself in a shallow alcove.

          With all the talk about what it would be like to be a Hotwife a few minutes earlier, I decided to find out.

          I offered no resistance, and surrendered to him right there. I felt his fingertips reach under my dress. His soft kisses lit a fire in me, while my wetness flowed into his hand.

         Ding. I heard the elevator bell ring, and the voices of people pouring out. I turned toward the wall to hide my face. His hands lifted the back of my dress and his large palm gripped my ass. His hard cock was pressing against me, so I reached back and unzipped his fly. He freed himself into my hand, and I began to clutch and tug at his shaft. He answered by cupping my breast with his other hand, while kissing the back of my neck.

          It was like he knew exactly where my vulnerability was. And I was ready for him to take me right there.

          Just then, a cabin steward walked by and I was suddenly reminded that it was ‘out of bounds’ to be playing in the passageway.

          “Is your cabin close by?” I asked.

          “Its right across the hall.” He answered.

          Two steps and we were in the open doorway. Two seconds and my dress was up around my waist. Two moves and his shirt was open, and his pants were too.

    He took me from behind right there in the doorway. It was exciting. It was raw. And, it was so hot!

          My hands braced against the open door jam, as he thrust into me again and again. I heard voices once more in the hall, but this time I didn’t care. I dropped my head and pushed back with my hips. A blur of shoes passed by, as we kept pushing and thrusting together.

          After they were gone, he paused for a moment, “Will your husband be looking for you?”

          “Not yet.” I replied. “But, he’ll love to know what a naughty girl I’ve been while I was away.” And with that he pulled me into the room, onto the bed, and ravished me in the dark.

          Now on my back, and only able to see a shadow of his face, I unclasped and pulled open the top of my dress. I could feel the excitement in his breathing, and the heaving in my chest as he buried his face in my breasts.

          This was all new to me. I had played out this fantasy before in my mind–the Hotwife luring a gentleman out of a bar and seducing him in a hotel room. But, now it’s a ship’s cabin, and he is very real. Since he had left the door open, I wasn’t scared. I was exhilarated.

          Between moans, I could feel that he was about to climax. “You can’t cum inside me. You have to pull out. That’s my husbands rule.”

          I heard him clinch his breath, as I pushed my tits together. I urged him, “Shoot it all over me, so he can find it when he fucks me later.”

          I love the feeling of hot cream as it hits my skin. Massaging my nipples and breasts, my hands spread it out evenly, until it dries clear and shiny.

          After I caught my breath, and took a minute to rinse myself in his bathroom, I tugged down my dress and re-clasped the top. The sheer fabric now clung like cellophane to my chest. Minutes later I strolled back into the bar and looked around for my Luke. He wasn’t there.

          I asked Doug if he’d seen him, and he told me that Luke had left a while ago. A moment later I spotted him walking in. He had a very relieved look on his face as he walked toward me. “Are you okay?” he asked.

          I grinned ear-to-ear, “Oh, I’m terrific. And, do I have a surprise for you.”

            ˆ”Cruise Rendezvous” Copyright by Josette Armand, for DJM Media


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