Halloween Theme Nights

Halloween Latino Theme Nights:

Tuesday October 28th, 2014

Arrival Day / Welcome Party: Sexy T-shirts and Shorts.Is a travel day for most people, so let’s relax in our sexy T-shirts and shorts. Wear your Sexiest or Funniest T-Shirts Relax and don’t stress!! Be Funny, Be Dirty, Be downright Sexy!!!!


Wednesday Octobers 29th, 2014

Night 2: Sexy in White.Show us all your sensuality. Dare to be sexy in white,push the limits in your hottest white outfit.


Thursday October 30th, 2014

Night 3: Glitz and Glimmer.this is the night to wear your GLITZ and strut your stuff.  Don’t hold back, we want the airplanes in the sky to see all the sparkle.  Men, we encourage you to get your GLIM on as well.


Friday October 31, 2014

Night 4: Halloween Night.  We will be helding a Halloween costume contest . Encorauge your creativity and imagination. The winner will receive a 3 days – 2 nights certificate for Desire Pearl(Valid for a Year)


Saturday November 1 , 2014

Night 5: Fetish Night. Leather, latex, PVC?  Floggers, handcuffs and restraints?  Lace, silk, faux fur and chiffon?  Feathers, powder, silky scarves? You show up in your Fetish outfit and we’ll supply the sensation