Exclusive Clothing Optional Lifestyle Sailing Trimaran Sailboat Charter

November 1, 2019

May 1, 2019


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Private Exclusive Clothing Optional Lifestyle Sailing Trimaran Sailboat Charter Aboard A 63″ Luxury  Trimaran.

 WELCOME TO FREEDOM Lifestyle Sailing!

At 63’ in length with a 33’ beam (width), there is almost 2,000 sq ft of air conditioned living comfort, and another 2,000 sq ft of fresh air deck space that has a combination of shaded and sunshine areas, giving something for everyone to experience Lifestyle Sailing!


Freedom Lifestyle Sailing is a custom designed 3-hull trimaran, with a very spacious, well-appointed, inviting and comfortable salon and galley in the center hull. Here you will find huge, comfy lounging sofas, dining table, lots of books, games and our digital music collection of over 10,000 titles, a flat big screen TV available for you to enjoy our collection of more than 2,500 digital videos on demand. Or turn on our own Freedom Channel to see our underwater video cameras showing everything that’s going on under the water below the Freedom, turning the big screen TV into your own living aquarium!

In each or “ama” (outside-hull or pontoon), you’ll find two comfortable queen cabins with a large full bathroom, “head” complete with toilet, shower and sink, plus an additional over-sized vanity sink separate from the bathroom, both of which are all shared by the two cabins in that ama. The head, and vanity sink area and cabins are all separated by teak wooden doors dividing each chamber. And the two cabins in that ama utilize the Pullman style design made popular on trains where privacy curtains identical to those used for sleeping compartments on trains provide additional privacy in each cabin. The amas each have their own stairway access-doors from the cockpit deck.

The Captain Morgan master suite has its own private en suite bathroom and offers total privacy in magnificent space and comfort. And the Captain Kidd Grand Master Living Suite has a queen size bed with a twin size bunk and a sitting area with a shared bathroom. (The Captain Kidd suite is only available for charters of 12). The interior is beautiful teak throughout combining a mixture of old world charm with all the latest in modern day comforts, conveniences and technologies.

On deck offers a fabulous cockpit that’s the center of the social circle with enough seating for everyone to enjoy meals all seated together at the same table, or if you’re traveling with young kids, we can even seat them at the social coffee table nearby. You will find that the cockpit is where everyone congregates for socializing. There are also two fabulous huge trampolines at the for-deck suspended over the water for clothing optional sailing lounging, a 2-person hammock at the mid-deck, as well as multiple levels for clothing optional sailing, and even slightly elevated, peaceful shaded area with soft comfortable recliner “easy-chairs” in the “sky lounge”, at the aft-deck providing the perfect place for clothing optional sailing, reading a book or snoozing. At thousands of square feet of total entertainment and living area above and below deck, it’s even much larger than many homes.

The whole boat is unbelievably spacious with plenty of room for everyone to find their own personal space. With lots of room for separation or togetherness, whatever you choose there’s room for snoozing and private time and several varieties of areas for socializing, lounging, cocktailing, and eating. Freedom really and truly does have it all!

All Inclusive Bundled Package:

All Inclusive Lifestyle Sailing is exactly that… you get all your meals, snacks, appetizers, deserts, drinks, alcoholic drinks and even all your frozen drinks are included for a 7 day and 7 night cruise.  You get the entire boat to yourself with a custom planned itinerary made just for you which you can change anytime you’d like, to anything you’d like along the way.  For $12,750 you can have 2 people on vacation.  Then just add another $1,000 per person for any extra people you’d like to bring.  So for your group of 8 it would be $18,750, ALL INCLUSIVE.  This gives you a full time crew of 4 catering to your every need filling the positions of your Captain, Chef, Bartender, Hostess, Waitress, Activities Director, Tour Guide, DiveMaster, Entertainment Director, Nutritionist, Fitness Instructor, Yoga Instructor, Massage Therapist, Acupuncturist and several other hats that we wear.  We are working for you full time 17 hours each day catering to your every need to give you the best vacation of your life.

Equipment & Toys:

Freedom Lifestyle Sailing Is Loaded With All The Toys & Equipment For Fun, Exploration, Exercise & Adventure! If you take all your most favorite toys and entertainment equipment that any other charter boat has, put them all together, and THAT is what you’ll find on Freedom… PLUS Much, MUCH More!

Yes of course we have ALL the basics, but in addition to all of that, we also have a powerful 16′ power boat and all the water ski and wakeboard equipment you need… even high speed three person towable toys! Freedom also has multiple kayaks, plenty of snorkel gear for everyone, floaty mats and noodles, floating islands and even a 6′ x 20′ floating lily pad.

And for you dive enthusiasts or even beginning divers, Freedom has two dive compressors so you can SCUBA dive all day every day without ever having to go ashore to fill your tanks! Freedom even has rental dive gear so you don’t have to bring all your equipment with you on the flight down!

But What About All The Things Freedom Has That Nobody Has?

Available Exclusively On Freedom. No other charter anywhere offers all these things found only on Freedom:

And Speaking Of Diving… Freedom even has a hookah dive system that allows non-certified divers to enjoy the same diving adventure as certified divers, but without all the heavy air tanks and equipment. You’ll simply put on a mask and fins and an air regulator with a long 60’ air hose connected to our compressed air system that delivers fresh air right to you. No heavy tanks, no heavy equipment, and no certification required.
Robot Bartender: Yes you read correctly, a completely automated and robotic bartender named Isaac, (remember from Love Boat?). Simply select your drink choice from a menu of over 200 drinks and let Isaac do the rest. Not sure what you want? Or feeling adventurous? Then push the roulette button and Isaac will choose a drink and mix it up for you. You just decide if you want to push the button to make it a double or not!

Frozen margarita machine: But not just for margaritas. Any drink that the robot bartender Isaac makes, you can turn it into a frozen drink. Don’t want a frozen margarita? How about a frozen daiquiri or frosty mud slide, or even a fresh fruit virgin natural smoothie.

Karaoke: We’re often surprised by the talent that our guests have and we love to help you showcase it. We have a complete professional karaoke system that will support up to six singers at once. This makes for a really fun night on the boat, or if you’re good enough, we’ll help you perform your own concert for an audience of tourists and locals at our favorite beach.

Underwater Video Cameras: Turn on the Freedom Channel and see what’s happening under the sea, right below the boat. That’s right! Every time we drop anchor, we set up the Freedom cams so you can see what’s happening under the sea, day or night. It’s like having your own ever-changing aquarium 24 hours a day. If you don’t feel like diving but want to see what’s going on, turn on Freedom Cam. If your spouse or kids are divers but you aren’t, then watch them dive and see what they see while you watch from the dry comfort of the boat enjoying your favorite frozen island drink. And since the cameras are fully equiped with high powered underwater lights, your spouse can even “take you” night diving without you even getting wet!
Stay Connected: Freedom is a traveling WiFi “Hot Spot”. Whether you need to video conference for business, or to show your jealous friends what you’re doing in the tropics while they scrape the snow off their car, or if you just want to chat with friends or send an email, you can do it all from Freedom. When you need to keep in touch… we got ya covered baby!
Coconut Massage: Just like it sounds, this is a full body massage using pure coconut oil. Performed under the heat of the sun, nothing heats the oils, warms the skin, relaxes the muscles, sooths the mind and rejuvenates the body more than this!

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And What About The Crew:

Our Lifestyle Sailing multi-talented First-Mate and Chief Engineer, Zen-Len’s years of service as a U.S. Marine, SWAT Officer, Rescue-Diver (including astronaut & space shuttle), Firefighter, and Paramedic means your safety is assured on Freedom. As a Master Captain, Dive Master, and Boy Scout Leader (not just a Life Scout, but a “scout for life”), coupled with his ever-patient and pleasant demeanor, Len will help you get the most from your onshore nature and beach excursions, and any water activity… from sailing, to paddling, water tubing, to underwater fun. Zen-Len is a life-long student of nutrition & fitness; religion, philosophy & spirituality; and reflexology, Reiki, & therapeutic massage. His love and respect for all beliefs, mankind, the sea and nature is equaled only by his thoughtfulness and respect for all living creatures large and small. Let this “Old Soul” share some ancient wisdom (from Aristotle, Buddha, Confucius… to Zou Yan), or sooth away your aches from the day’s adventures. Greet the sunrise with a little yoga, rediscover your youth with secret Tibetan Rites, or enjoy his creative & delicious “healthy alternatives” at the juice bar, snacks, or dining. Zen-Len is Freedom’s adventurer… an eclectic dichotomy of left & right brain.


Think of Fredrick as your personal Cruise Director, as no one is more suited than he is to help you plan your sailing itinerary and all your recreation and entertainment activities, to keep you as busy or as relaxed as you choose to be. With extensive experience in the hospitality industry (operating hotels, night clubs, and supper clubs), and as an event planner for large conventions, weddings, giant parties and boating events (from regattas to flotillas), Fredrick can work magic to give you YOUR dream vacation of a lifetime. As a much sought-after DJ in the Miami South Beach club & party scene, Fredrick knows what it takes to keep guests busy and entertained, or how to create a relaxing atmosphere where you can indulge your quieter side.
A former Hobie sailboat champion, enduro motorcycle racer, sky-diver, hypnotherapist, and world traveler to over 55 countries, Fredrick still enjoys his hobbies playing guitar, singing, photography, specialty cooking, and of course: being an avid boater (with a Master Captain’s license and 35 years’ experience as a scuba diver). So whether you want your days relaxing or adventurous… and your nights quiet & romantic, or a wild night of tiki bar-hopping “Island Style”… he’s got you covered. Whatever your dreams are for your vacation, Fredrick will make them happen.


Freedom’s First Lady, Leigh Ann loves infusing her passion for boating, the sun and the sea, with her tropical specialty cooking — mixing exotic flavors with local island cuisines, creating delectable delights that you won’t find anywhere else. And “big things come in small packages” with this former bikini model that also holds a Master Captain’s license and is PADI scuba certified. Leigh Ann operated a very popular boutique Bed & Breakfast (accommodating 11 guests) so she really knows how to cater to your special needs. With her down-home Alabama charm, this Southern Belle was the number one rated “host mom” five years in a row to collegiate foreign language students, getting top ratings in all three categories for her meals, accommodations, and hospitality.

It’s Leigh Ann’s attention to detail that’s sure to give you a vacation you will never forget. Ladies more adventurous might enjoy taking Leigh Ann’s pole-dancing class for fun and fitness. And those vacationing with kids will enjoy Leigh Ann’s “Freedom Kids” activities — filling their time with supervised fun so that Mom & Dad can have a little “Freedom” too… Freedom to dive, Freedom to explore, or Freedom to just relax in the sun knowing their kids are well cared for nearby. It’s almost like having your own “nanny” or “Au Pair” so you can experience and enjoy “TRUE Freedom” on your Dream Vacation of a lifetime.

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 Here Is A Sample 7 Night Lifestyle Sailing Adventure:

Every Day Is YOUR Way, Any Way… Secluded Coves or Island Hopping the Tiki-Bars, We’ll Make it Perfect For YOU! Here’s One Possibility…

We customize your vacation itinerary based on YOUR interests and desires. Below is an example of an 8 day and 7 night trip, but we also specialize in 10 & 14 day vacations too that afford us the time needed to take you to some special out of the way destinations.

Also keep in mind that we’ve catered to every kind of group with every kind of specialty interests imaginable, and having lived in California and South Florida we’ve pretty much seen and hosted for it all so nothing surprises or shocks us, so please feel free to tell us whatever it is you’d like to make your vacation the perfect experience that will make you want to come see us again, and we’ll make it happen.

Here’s an Example:

Day 1: We’ll pick you up in convenient Crown Bay, just minutes from the airport or downtown Charlotte Amalie where you might want to spend the night before or after your charter. Arrive to your spacious yacht and settle in over a light lunch and cocktails as Freedom gets underway! We’ll overnight somewhere on St. John or Water Island, depending on your desires… perhaps anchored outside the resort at Caneel Bay, or maybe moored in one of the many pristine Marine Park coves, like Leinster Bay with famous Waterlemon Cay for some spectacular snorkeling. You’ll enjoy your first fabulous dinner and sunset aboard Freedom!

Day 2: After a delicious breakfast we’ll head over to Soper’s Hole to check into the BVI, and enjoy a little shopping in this scenic Tortola town. Then it’s a beautiful sail, stopping to lunch at The Indians for a snorkel or kayak…Then just watch the ocean glide by, cocktails in hand, as we head to The Bight on Norman Island, where you can get in on Willy T’s famous pirate bar action, or enjoy a little live music at Pirate’s Bight beach bar before dinner.

Day 3: Turquoise waters surround Peter Island where we’ll head for lunch… and maybe a dive to the world-famous Wreck of the Rhone. Artsy Trellis Bay and the tiny island resort of Marina Cay are wonderful place to stop in the afternoon and evening, maybe catching the Pirate Show at Pusser’s on Marina Cay, or if the timing ins right, dancing under the full moon sky at Trellis’ famous Full-Moon parties.

Day 4: An early start gets us a great spot in the coves around the famous Baths on Virgin Gorda. Trek around this unusual, majestic giant rock garden from the beach… or make it an island tour day with a breathtaking taxi tour of the whole island. We’ll sail over and meet you on the other side at fabulous Bitter End! The tiny islands of Prickly Pear or Saba Rock have great happy hour fun, and Bitter End has some of the best restaurants and shopping in the islands.

Day 5: After a great breakfast you’ll be ready to either dive the Dogs or snorkel the amazing rock heads of Monkey Point on Guana Island. Then it’s an amazing run down along Tortola to Cane Garden Bay. This picturesque cove is stunning and unique… with great happy hours and a beautiful wide white beach below green hillsides covered with brightly colored Caribbean homes.

Day 6: It’s off to Jost Van Dyke! We’ll stop at Diamond Cay or Sandy Spit for Cheeseburgers in Paradise. A short hike brings you to The Bubbling Pool, a beachside rock pool that turns into a jacuzzi at the right tide. A short sail away are famous Foxy’s in Great Harbor and The Soggy Dollar Bar in wonderful White Bay. This turquoise water, white sand slice of heaven is a must for everyone.

Day 7: It’s back to US waters, and check-in at Cruz Bay on St. John. This bustling town has it all, including the National Park Visitor Center. There are so many wonderful hideaways, towns and resorts on St. John… we’ll see where the wind blows for the night! Or Christmas Cove on Little St. James is always a favorite for the last dinner aboard Freedom.

Day 8: It’s time to make our way back to St. Thomas, but not before one more yummy breakfast and one more spectacular sail. Have lunch at Tickles in Crown Bay after we bid farewell… We promise you that the memories from Freedom will be some of the best you’ve ever had!

Contact Us With Further Questions And To Book This Fabulous Lifestyle Adventure

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