Brilliance of the Seas – Southern Caribbean – April 6-13, 2013

Ship: The Brilliance Ship is in the sister ship to the Radiance and Jewel of the Sea. If you have been on any of our past cruises on either of these ships you feel at home right away. It holds up to 1100 couples which is large enough to find other sexy hot couples you would like to connect with and yet small enough to meet them again.  The food was amazing on this voyage with gourmet choices and a lobster dinner on the last night. We ate at Portofino Specialty restaurant one night , but really, no need to unless you want to try a different setting than the main dining room. There is a small up charge for Portofino’s and Chops Grill. It seemed most everyone took advantage of the Alcohol packages. Very good value. There is a separate wine package if you want something more than the house wine. Premium drink package $55 pp and both have to purchase it. Wine packages save you 25% of the bottle price.

Itinerary: This was a fantastic itinerary and the weather was perfect and warm. Our ports were Curacao, Aruba, St. Kitts and St. Maarten with 2 sea days. Curacao is a Dutch Island with a lot of history and beautiful beaches. We could be topless on ‘Kontiki Beach”. The most interesting side trip in Curacao is “Campo Alegre” A legal Dutch Brothel. It was a converted Army barracks where approx. 150 women stay in individual rooms and hire themselves out. You just have to negotiate your desires and the price. The main attraction is the main building which is used as the strip club with male and female exotic dancers that will make your strip clubs at home look tame! The interact more with the audience hoping you will pick them to go back to their room. I would recommend not missing this opportunity to experience it whether you participate or not. Aruba is a much smaller Island only 19  square miles with stunning white beaches and known for it’s snorkeling and diving. Our next port St. Kitts seemed to be one of our favorites. The Island has a beautiful setting. South Friars Bay is only 10 minutes from town and has a beautiful private owned Beach Club with chairs & umbrellas to rent, with a VIEW of St Nevis, an Island only 45 minutes by Ferry. We did both! Last but defineltly not least is the all time favorite island of St. Maarten (dutch – greta for duty free chopping) and St. Martin ( the quaint, romantic french side). We topped off our vacation on the well renowned “Club Orient” in St. Martin and their nude beach, sipping local beer and the BEST french baquette sandwiches you could ever imagine. Tip: stop at the little town of Orient Bay and by them at the local bakery/restaurant.


Experience: The cruise had a nice mix of age range and nationality. More middle aged than under 40 and over 60.  There seemed to be  more 1st time couples on this cruise new to a Lifestyle, clothing optional cruise. We did not hear one bad comment or experience. Most comments were “Everyone is so friendly!”, “We are having such a great time!”, “We will not do a regular cruise again!” (unless with family of course) “We are going to book again”. The playroom was very sensual and areas where you could be private or with another couple. A lot of couples including the “newbies” went to explore different classes and seminars. The “Chocolate Room” for those into interracial encounters, the “Dungeon” and many other other fetish and sexual variety themes. The party themes at night were 70’s disco, rumble in the jungle, Mardi Gras Masquerade, naught school girl think pink and sexy pajama party. There was great participation in dressing up “or” down for the themes which got the party rolling.