Alaska Spender Deck Plans

Here are the deck plans and available cabins for the Alaska Spender June 17 to 24, 2018. To Choose your cabin click on the available cabin and complete the booking form. Please enter first cabin choice second cabin choice. If you Have Questions Or would like to Book Over The Phone Call Us At 813-352-4238.

Cabin With A Red Check Mark Are Available To Book 

Mauve Cabins On Deck Five Are Ocean View For $3950.00 pp

Red & Pink Cabins Are Ocean View On Deck 7 & 8 Are Ocean View For $3750.00 pp

Green & Light Green Cabins Are Ocean View On Deck 7 For $3950.00 pp

Blue & Teal Blue Are Balcony Cabins On Deck 8 For $4450.00 pp

Orange Cabins On Deck 9 Are Balcony Cabins For $4250.00 pp

Light Purple & Purple Cabins On Deck 9 & 10 Are Penthouse With Veranda For & 7250.00 pp

Yellow & Brown Cabins Are Penthouse Suites With Veranda On Deck 9 & 10 for $7950.00 pp